Green Vacation

When we refurbished this more than 120 year old beauty, it was important to us to keep as much of the old substance as possible and to use as many local, sustainable materials as we could get.


On the other hand we added a modern 10-15cm insulation below the roof and on the basement sealing as well the most ecological heating system we could find for such a house. (A modern, very efficient Hoval thermo pump).


Of course we offering also  recycling for glas, paper, cardboard and PET for your stay.


Probably the most important aspect for your green vacation is the proximity to public transportation which makes Casabiasca a perfect hub for vacation and activities without a car. The recently opened Alp Transit reduces the travel from Zurich Airport to Biasca to 1h 50 min. There is no way to beat this by car.

Once in Biasca you have hourly buses to all villages in the three valleys Blenio, Leventina and Riviera - including Osogna, Cresciano,  Chironico, Iragna etc. , the starting points to the world famous boulders and canyons.


To make your travel light and easy, we have 4 high quality crash pads available in the house.